SLHV’s Dr. Gil Vardi, Dr. Rafiq Ramadan and Dr. Mohammad Tahir are part of an elite group of cardiologists bringing revolutionary technology to the St. Louis region in the form of the Micra AV Leadless Pacemaker.

SLHV joins a growing national trend to redefine the patient experience and reduce complications with this exciting pacemaker technology.

The Micra AV Leadless Pacemaker is the smallest pacemaker in the world. As a result, patients experience fewer major complications than traditional pacemakers with no chest scar, no bump under the skin and fewer activity restrictions after the device is implanted. Traditional pacemakers are known to have some possible complications, such as infection or hematoma around the implant site. The Micra AV has eliminated those complications, while the absence of leads (wires that run between the pacemaker and the heart) results in fewer complications internally.

Studies show that 96% of patients who receive the Micra AV pacemaker experienced no major complications 12 months after receiving the device. Meanwhile, the technology shows your cardiologist a real-time and comprehensive picture of the arrhythmia that is affecting your heart.

Your physician at SLHV may recommend a pacemaker when they detect through electrocardiogram that your heart is having difficulty working on its own, which is generally indicated by heart arrhythmia.

Some common reasons you might experience an arrhythmia that requires a pacemaker include:

  • Arterial blockage in the heart
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • A heart attack in progress
  • Heart damage from a prior heart attack
  • Genetic issues that cause a slow heartbeat

Talk to your SLHV cardiologist if you have questions about pacemakers in general, or specifically about the Micra AV Leadless Pacemaker, which can reduce complications and get you back on your feet quickly. Call us today at (314) 741-0911 to make an appointment with Dr. Ramadan, Dr. Tahir or Dr. Vardi.

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