Heart & Vascular Partners (HVP) has announced a strategic partnership with St. Louis Heart and Vascular (SLHV). Established in 1993, SLHV is the largest independent, full-service cardiology and vascular practice in the region, boasting 7 office locations across Missouri and Illinois, as well as 14 of the top cardiologists in the region. Their services encompass the full spectrum of cardiac and vascular care, including minimally invasive procedures, surgical interventions, and the management of chronic conditions. Through the new partnership, HVP will provide SLHV with scalable business operations support while investing to grow through expansion of services offered and increased access to outpatient modalities.

Dr. Harvey Serota, President of SLHV commented “In its commitment to excellence, HVP is dedicated to fostering practices that elevate both clinical and operational metrics. Central to this mission is the paramount emphasis on provider autonomy. This approach underscores HVP’s unwavering focus on delivering exceptional healthcare outcomes while empowering healthcare providers.”

Dr. Pradeep Chandra of SLHV further stated, “Drawing upon their expertise in establishing successful cardiovascular sites of care, HVP offers physicians the necessary expertise, resources, and capital to expedite scaling and enhance patient access. United by a mutual dedication to excellence in cardiovascular care delivery, we are delighted to welcome our new partner to the SLHV community.”

“Heart & Vascular Partners is honored to collaborate with SLHV, joining forces with its esteemed members and industry leaders” said Bill Drehkoff, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HVP. “We look forward to learning from the many talented and innovative partners, as we collectively strive to transform the delivery of cardiovascular care across the U.S”.

SLHV was represented by Merritt Healthcare Advisors (“MHA”), a national advisory firm that helps physicians and owners of healthcare facilities evaluate strategic options for their organizations. John Carron, a Partner at Merritt Healthcare Advisors stated, regarding the transaction, “Merritt is pleased to have been chosen by the physician owners of SLHV to represent them in its exciting new partnership with HVP, giving their practice more scale and resources to provide high-quality, convenient and affordable care to patients in its existing region and beyond.”

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