PET/CT Techonologist


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Performs ordered examinations of appropriate anatomical regions in accordance with accepted standards of practice and protocols of the individual site reading physician.

2. Maintains patient care, comfort and safety during trasnport to and from the mobile coach/facility and during the exam.

3. Maintains technical competency through continued education and participation in company sponsored training programs.

4. Under guidance and approval of site Radiologist, administers contrast agents and/or radiopharmaceuticals according to site-specific protocols.

5. Completes and sings the Patient Screening form and reviews/explains the procedure to the patient.

6. Provides images to the facility in the deisred site format.

7. Performs equipment quality checks and troubleshoots problems; places service calls and notifies all pertinent team members of issues.

8. Assists with the set up and tear down of equipment in accordance with SMS and/or manufacturer's guidelines.

9. Completes necessary administrative tasks (i.e. time reports, billing, QA, etc.)

10. Follows quality assurance guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality

11. Cooperates with facility healthcare professionals and complies with facility policies/procedures.

12. Complies with all safety policies and regulations including radiation safety.

13. Maintains current Permits to Practice in all states in which services are performed.

14. Performs additional duties as required.

Working Conditions:

1. Exposure to radiation.

2. Possible exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues from working with patients and performing injections as required.

Possible Qualifications

Education, Certifications and Licenses

1. Completion of an approved School of Nuclear Medicine Technology Program required.

2. Must be registered with the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) (N).

3. Must possess an active permit to practice where applicable.

4. Must possess valid driver's license with good driving record.

Specific Requirements

1. Must be able to perform injection procedures.

2. Operating knowledge of personal computers and electronic medical records systems.

3. Capable of a flexible work schedule.

4. Must be able to interact with patients and employees in a responsible, professional and ethical manner.

5. Must be able to produce high quality special imaging with little supervision.

6. Must be willing and able to assist the Radiologist in his/her interpretation of exams.

7. Must be able to function effectively in a team-oriented environment.

8. Must be flexible, reliable and demonstrate sound judgement and initiative.

9. Ability to demonstrate competency in all applicable areas.

10. Responsible for the followin and adhering to TJC/SMS Quality Standards which includes, but is not limited to: CPR, Immunizations, Training, Infection Control and Invasive Procedures (where applicable).

Physical Requirements

1. Sits, stands and walks intermittently throughout the day.

2. Climbs stairs to enter mobile unit and tractor.

3. Full extension of arms above head and in front of body.

4. Frequently lifts weight of up to 10 pounds.

5. Occasionally lifts weights of up to 75 pounds.

6. May transfer patients weighing up to 350 pounds with a variety of assistance from other staff or equipment.

7. Occasionally carries objects weighing up to 55 pounds.

8. May need to push/pull objects with force of up to 72 pounds.

9. Must possess good balance.

Interested? Please contact Kate Aufderheide at 314-741-0911 #4013 or email -[email protected].

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