You can’t see or feel any warning signs, but it is the single most common risk factor for cardiovascular disease – lipid disorders, such as high cholesterol. Our team of medical specialists has years of expertise in treating lipid disorders to lower the risk of heart disease and strokes. SLHV’s lipid doctors can design a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle that will help lower your cholesterol, with the goal of preventing a first or second heart attack and optimizing outcomes.

George Kichura, M.D., has devoted much of his career to the study of lipid disorders, obtaining certification from the American Board of Clinical Lipidology in 2007. His clinic at SLHV focuses on treating high LDL cholesterol (also called “bad” cholesterol), high triglycerides, and genetic lipid disorders such as elevated lipoprotein(a) or familial hypercholesterolemia.

“There are a number of treatment options for high cholesterol. An improved diet and regular exercise, to the best of a patient’s ability, can make a huge difference. Then there are medications to help – statins can be very effective for lowering cholesterol levels but some people are intolerant. There are several newer medications now available to lower cholesterol and risk. We also consider other non-pharmacological methods or alternative ways to lower cholesterol,” says Dr. Kichura

Dr. Kichura may also determine that you meet the requirements to participate in a research study that will help develop and/or augment the treatment options for yourself and millions of people just like you.

“SLHV is always looking to improve our patients’ lives by participating in research trials that investigate new medications or devices,” says Dr. Kichura. “There are many clinical trials that we participate in, including several for cholesterol and lipid management, with the hope of lowering risk and improving outcomes.”

It can take many years, and much trial and error, to find new and effective treatments for heart problems. High cholesterol is no different; while some medications are effective for some patients, others may not be. That’s why SLHV committed many years ago to a multi-faceted research department.

As Dr. Kichura puts it, “We want to be part of the solution, not just for our patients but also for the world at large. Our focus on research allows us to offer cutting edge treatment options which may otherwise not be available, with our patients as potential beneficiaries.”

Make an appointment to discuss your cholesterol with Dr. Kichura by calling SLHV at (314) 741-0911, or going through our patient portal online. Appointments available within one week.

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